1.) Listen to provided audiobook/albums

2.) Spend 10 minutes writing a brief reflection about the audiobook

3.) Spend 10 minutes writing a brief reflection about one of the albums

Due on @ Lunch Sunday, March 10th, 2024


Please create a playlist in Foobar2000 for this weeks albums


Easy Listening: Paul Desmond – Desmond Blue

Hiphop: The Artifacts – That’s Them

Electronica: Machinedrum – Vapor City

Instrumental: Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!

Modern Rock: Foals – Total Life Forever

Classic Rock: Rush – Fly By Night

Classic Pop: Alexander O’Neal – Alexander O’Neal

Audiobook: The Science of Getting Rich – Pimberton Tinkerwaffle

1.) Click this link to view/edit the que and add albums you would enjoy hearing in the potential pool for next week.

2.) Click this link to Download this weeks albums & audiobook. Files are lossless.

Additional Information:

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